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“Black Mountain Winter”

Oil on canvas. 9” x 12”. Click for more information.


Susan Hall

Painter | Ceramist

Susan lives and works in Point Reyes Station, California, a town in the heart of the Point Reyes National Seashore. This pristine wilderness area is dominated by a mosaic of bays and ocean, rolling grass lands and forests. It is inhabited by a diversity of wildlife, including over 450 species of birds, mountain lions, deer, bobcats, fox, and elk. Ms. Hall who is a native of this area returned after spending twenty years in New York City. In her book, “Painting Point Reyes”, Hall says, “Point Reyes is the center of my painting life. Point Reyes has been my life and when I haven’t lived here, it has been an underground stream that spoke to me in dreams and visions.”

Oaks in the Ravine

Painting of the Month

“Oaks in the Ravine,” 2019

Oil on canvas, 8” x 10”

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bird moon.png
Blue Rabbit

CeramicS of the Month

SOLD: “Persimmons Bird Moon,” 2019

Glazed earthenware, 18”

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SOLD: “Blue Rabbit", 2019

Glazed earthenware, 18”

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Susan Hall Art

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